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Published on: 9/4/19, 9:52 PM

لدى Apple اسم غير شائع بين شركات التكنولوجيا الرائدة في العالم. سواء كان جهاز iPhone أو جهاز MacBook Air أم لا ، كل أدواته ثورة. في الآونة الأخيرة ، جذبت شركة أبل ماك بوك إير انتباه الناس. بالمقارنة مع Ultrabook الأساسي ، هناك العديد من ترقيات centare وخيارات جديدة للمستخدمين ويمكن أن نرى. على الرغم من أنه لا شك ، يعد هذا الاختراع العصري الذي يبلغ طوله 13.1 ملم واحدًا من بين أجهزة الكمبيوتر المحمولة الأكثر فعالية على مستوى الدخول التي عادت إليها Apple.


 أبعاد اثني عشر بوصات، 28.05 سم × 19.65 سم أبعاد
 1.6 gigacycle إنتل كور i5-8210Y
 8GB (2،133MHz LPDDR3)
 802.11ac لشبكة Wi-F، بلوتوث أربعة
 إنتل UHD الرسومات 625
 720P فيس تايم HD كاميرا التصوير الفوتوغرافي
 أسلوب يمكن أن يكون أيضا
 The slim MacBook Air portable computer is just zero.9 weight unit with dimensions of twenty-eight cm x nineteen.65 cm. it is a wedge-shaped vogue, and thus it decreases to zero .16 inches and that is the foremost dear target.  This new invention is healthier, quicker and electric sander and agent.  It merely weighs one zero.25 kg that produces it straightforward to carry.  The significant duty atomic number 13 unibody alloy case is lighter, still because the magnesium-based material is one amongst its and purpose.  And almost like the Apple MacBook Air is reasonably improved and appears a sort of recent model.

 Keyboard and trackpad

 The redesigned keyboard for this three rd-Gen Butterfly machine-controlled choices provides responsiveness and pleasant comfort.

 once the keyboard is high-resolution, the bit symbol is another welcome addition. the most attachment choices for the MacBook Air is AN intrinsic fingerprint scanner that enables you to unlock your portable computer, particularly once it's in sleep mode. you will be ready to make a choice from a PIN or a signature to lock it.  The biometric data is prevailed a T2 security chip that restricts hackers to penetrate contrivance.

 Improved choices
 Ports: Apple encompasses a MacBook Air a pair of USB-C ports, 3.5 metric linear unit phone jack and one USB-1 port.
 Touch-ID - the interior bit symbol permits users to sign on to the laptop's fingerprint abuse.  It makes operating in MacBook Air straightforward and quick.
 Speakers - increased square-sized speakers capable of twenty fifth volume.
 720p FaceTime HD camera on the facet of 3 electro-acoustic transducer helps to form affordable audio and video calls. however speaking concerning the resolution, it choices 1080P photographic camera that is reasonably affordable compared to its competitors.

 Color choices
 Apple offer three color variants to the present portable computer.  These area unit previous silver, gold and grey house.  The well-lit Apple complete has been switched to Chrome one, and this can be another changed feature.

 the battery

 Battery life the most recent Apple MacBook Air lasts for twelve hours of original video and wireless internet use, that is reasonably tight.  Conclusion
 the final word truth
 counting on usage, we can't expect that if users ar persuaded by their decisions.  But yes, people who ar abusing the MacBook for lengthy time will see several enhancements in several choices.  From the new screen, increased graphics and extra masses, we have a tendency to tend to hope that it'll give users with the foremost effective expertise.  However, the worth can still be a priority once competitors live the box to emerge with a myriad of newer choices within the tight tag.

 Triveni Thakur could also be AN freelance author with over [*fr1] a dozen expertise.  She writes on several niches and one amongst them could be a technique.

Published on: 8/22/19, 9:07 AM